EURONEAR Tools page

During the years we developed a set of tools in order to automate the search, observing and processing asteroid data. This tools exposed below can be used for free by anyone, but please consider adding a reference to us if our tools are usefull and used in your projects
Planning tools
Long PlanningTool which generate a custom oberving list of NEAs
PlanningPlanning tool
Planning MPCPlanning tool
Precovery tools
Precovery StandardStandard Precovery tool
PrecoveryPrecovery tool for CFHTLS
Precovery SubaruPrecovery tool for Subaru Supreme
Precovery INTPrecovery tool for INT WFC
Precovery ESOPrecovery tool for ESO
Mega PrecoveryA tool which identify images potentialy containing a targeted asteroid on a big number of instruments archieves
Mega Precovery beta
CCD Matching tools
Find CCD V2A tool which draws NEA positions on ccd matrix and also uncertainity ellipses for a number of telescope image collections
Find CCD SubaruA tool which draws NEA positions and also uncertainity ellipses for SUBARU SUPREME ccd matrix
Measurement validation tools
AstrocheckA tool which validates MPC reports