EURONEAR EURONEAR near Earth asteroids European project

    EURONEAR - Tools - Precovery Standard

Description: Precovery and recovery of known asteroids and NEAs from any image archive.
Input: Observing log in the following standard format: image number, Julian Date, exposure time (s), telescope pointing - right ascension (RA in hours with decimals) and declination (DEC in degrees with decimals), image field of view (in RA and DEC both in degrees) and any image comment (ex: target name), all separated by "|".
Warning: Do NOT attempt to send at once more than 500 lines, otherwise the script will crash due to intensive internet access. Instead, use any text editor to cut the master log in smaller pieces and send them in a few runs.
Output: Few text files holding serendipitous encounters of known NUMbered, UNNUMbered asteroids, NEAs and PHAs, probably appearing in the searched images.
Queries: The SkyBoT service (Berthier et al., IMCCE/Obs Paris).

Please be patient, the whole run could take a few minutes...

Reference: Please include the following two acknowledgements in any publication using this service:
- Quote this paper: Vaduvescu, O. et al., 2009 AN 330, 698.
- Include in the acknowledgement: "This paper used the EURONEAR Precovery Standard server \footnote{}".

Author: Ovidiu Vaduvescu (2007)